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Through EntaClass, our tutor matching service, you can get carefully vetted and thoroughly trained tutors.

Open Learning Programs

Sign up today and start your exciting learning journey at Schoolinka. We have the following courses available for you to enroll into for free.

Effective Lesson Planning (Hackathon)

This course provides educators with essential tools and strategies to design and deliver effective lessons that engage students and improve learning outcomes. This is a practical course.

Classroom Management; From Practice to Culture

In this course, you will learn effective techniques to foster a positive learning environment, manage behavior, and promote student engagement. Perfect for new and experienced teachers!

Principles of Student Engagement

Our Principles of Student Engagement course empowers educators with proven methods and frameworks to enhance student motivation, participation and overall engagement.

Designing Learning Environment [Open Soon]

This course teaches effective techniques to create an engaging and productive learning environment for students using the Understanding by Design (UbD) and Backwards Mapping Framework.

Rethinking Classroom Assessment [Open Soon]

Transform your classroom assessment approach with this course. Rethink traditional methods and learn to assess student learning more effectively, in order to improve learning outcomes.

Educators Leading the Global SDGs [Open Soon]

Join our Educators Leading the SDGs course and learn how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into your curriculum and lead students to become global citizens.

Become a Highly Skilled Teacher

Professional Teacher Incubation Program

The Professional Teacher Incubation Program (PTiP) is a four months program that will equip early and mid-career teaching professionals with the skills they need to effectively lead themselves as individuals; competently design, deliver and assess quality and engaging learning experiences; and exercise collective leadership to transforming the systems of education in their own context. This program will launch in May 2023.

Transform Teaching and Learning in Your School

As a School Workforce Development company, we will help your teachers learn premium teaching and learning skills, cut down your training costs by 90% and help you hire the best teaching talents.

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Get the Best Tutors for Your Child

Though EntaClass, we match students, parents and schools with carefully screened, vetted and trained tutors who provide personalized tutoring, exam prep and homework support to students in a secured online learning environment.

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Our Community Speak

After enrolling in the Classroom Management course, I received a great online support from the Schoolinka’s faculty. This support has helped me become much more effective and also empowered me to deploy effective strategies within my classroom. Thank you Schoolinka.
Adeyinka Bolarinwa
Teacher, Abuja
Digital Lesson Planning course is a fantastic Teacher learning program. The truth is most educators abhor lesson plans. However, after taking this course, I was able to create and fall in love with lesson planning, and now I am very good at it.
Lucy Edako
Teacher, Lagos
I see the course on Building Tests Online as an eye opener to new ways of conducting quizzes and online test using MS forms. This is really enlightening. Simplified and very easy to understand. Every Educator should definitely take this course even as a refresher course.
Oluwatemilorun Ameenat
Teacher, Lagos
Its been totally awesome learning on this platform. I love the fact that you can pause and continue to learn at your own pace. its completely fantastic and I enjoy been on there all day reading and becoming better. God bless the whole Schoolinka team for building something like this.
Gyimah Koffi Benjamin
Teacher, Ghana