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Virtual Teaching – My Open Letter

Dear Colleague,

The world has turned to various modes of technology to engage their students and I know that you have also caught the lovely bug of virtual learning.

It is almost a week or two before the virtual classes resume again and I bet you are looking forward to seeing those gorgeous and memorable faces of your students. While your thoughts are running riots, do not allow fear set in!

Remember that just as you are a teacher offline, you are equally the same as a teacher online. Your job is the same. You are a teacher on both platforms: physical classroom and virtual classroom. You connect your students to their peers and yourself; you connect your students to the various learning opportunities to give them enabling experiences for their lives. It is that simple. Deliver the curriculum by connecting.

Knowing the ‘how’ to connect the students to be fully engaged will be an additional thought you might want to find out now. You can use any resource to teach but you must remember that your main aim is to connect or try to connect your students.

You are definitely inspired and motivated to do your job but the reality is that some things will not go as planned. In other words, expect disappointments and frustrations along the way. At this point, if you have not already called for help, please, do ‘ask’ a colleague, google etc for help. There is someone that you know in your profession or circle who will be willing to help. This is what makes you outstanding: you love what you do and your action is expressing your desire.

As your virtual classes progress, you will find out more opportunities with your students as well: how they choose to turn in their work, how they are behaving now, how they miss out on a given instruction, how they are chatting online while you are teaching etc. Simply remember that your children are only communicating by connecting. Relax. Find out how to solve the little challenges sticking out again.

Once you are able to consistently do your best by connecting your students to the various learning opportunities to give them enabling experiences for their lives, you have done your job.

When this season is over, you would have learnt so much more and acquired new skills. Please, keep the memories and the experiences, they will create new opportunities  for you soon.

You matter as a teacher and I appreciate all you have done, are doing and about to do.

Lastly, my dearest colleague, love yourself and re-affirm your main purpose for staying on this call.

I love you 😘

Abimbola Dosunmu
Educational Consultant

April 26, 2020

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