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We are building an ecosystem of highly skilled teaching workforce

Leveraging technology, we are designing exciting professional development opportunities for teachers through online learning experiences.

We are changing how teachers learn

We started in-person learning programs for teachers in 2019 and hosted over 2,000 teachers at our learning centers. While these experiences were great, many teachers still found our physical programs inaccessible.

To change how teachers learn, we built this platform for remote learning where we placed the power to access professional development in the hands of the teachers themselves.

Today, we are working with 200+ instructors to power learning for thousands of teachers across the world.

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Online Courses

Thought-leadership from experts across the education sector packaged into online courses for teachers.

Live Classes

With a faculty of over 200 experienced educators, we host live professional development classes for teachers.

Community Support

Our community of teachers support each other to be better by being coaches and mentors along the learning journey.

Top 50 Education Innovations in Africa (African Union)

Top 5 Innovative Companies (Innopower USA and Afrigrant)

Our Partners

We are grateful to all our partners for trusting us to lead this work.


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