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Classroom management is a very broad topic that can be very overwhelming. More than knowledge, it is a critical skill that must be acquired by teachers who want to become very successful. While this is a non-negotiable skill, there is no single method or process to follow to ensure success. The classroom management techniques to adopt as a teacher varies on an account of different factors such as age group of students, number of students, and most importantly the personality of the teacher.

The biggest goal of any teacher is to have a classroom that achieves high academic and behavioral outcomes, however, this is harder than it sounds and can even take many school years to achieve. Even teachers who see themselves as excellent at the job get surprised with the new set of students that are placed in their classroom every year.

The bottom line is this: Effective classroom management is an absolute must. It impacts your ability to be an effective educator and enjoy your job, and it impacts your students’ success as learners. If your classroom is out of control, it won’t matter how passionate you are about your subject or how much you are truly dedicated to children, learning will be negatively impacted.

This course created by Okeyinfu Ajayi will help you explore the techniques of classroom management and how you can create and deploy your own classroom management strategies.

Course Curriculum

CMT – Course Objectives 00:02:00
Meet the Course Instructor – Okeyinfu Ajayi 00:02:00
CMT – Module 1 00:10:00
CMT – Module 2 00:10:00
CMT – Module 3 00:20:00
CMT – Module 4 00:15:00
CMT – Module 5 00:05:00
CMT – Quiz 00:10:00

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