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Course Overview:

The Google Classroom Master Class is a very rich video-based course that was created to equip teachers with the skills to use all the features of the very versatile Google Classroom tool. To stay relevant in the 21st-century education space, every educator needs the capacity, knowledge, and skills required to fully engage the digital age learners.

This course would:

  • Teach you all you need to know about Google Classroom — all features, hacks, and tips.
  • Help you become a tech-savvy teacher.
  • Give you access to practical and hands-on learning of the use of Google Classroom as an effective online learning tool.

Apart from the timeless skills you would gain, you will also get a verifiable CPD Certificate to boost your profile and portfolio as a life-long learning 21st-century educator.

The course contains:

  • Ten engaging modules
  • Access to 39 premium video content
  • Opportunity for Certification

Meet the Course Instructor:

Lanre Oguntoye BSc, MSc, PGDE, CCTP, MIEE

Lanre is a multiple award-winning Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Technology Integration Lead, Certified, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert& Trainer, Cambridge Assessment Specialist, Learning Strategist, and Innovator.

He is the founder of ERID Education and Campaign Director/ Lead facilitator at Teach2Reach, an SDG 4 Education initiative that seeks to cascade excellence in teaching and learning via the provision of professional development opportunities to every African Teacher.  He has facilitated several high-stake teacher training (e.g. The Lagos Teacher Growth Conference, Teach Refuel) and panelists on various national education discussions (e.g. The UNION BANK Edu 360 Conference, 2019).

His innovation “The PINit” is currently being hosted by HundrED as one of the global Innovations in Education in the year 2020. He was awarded the  Inspirational Teacher of the Year in Nigeria (2019) and Meadow Hall Foundation INSEA Ambassador. He has a mission to facilitate educators’ access to quality personal and career development in the rapidly changing education ecosystem. He works to enhance the value of the brand “Teacher”.

Course Curriculum

Section 1
Module 1 – Google Classroom 00:30:00
Module 2 – Google Classroom 00:25:00
Module 3 – Google Classroom 00:35:00
Section 2
Module 4 – Google Classroom 00:30:00
Module 5 – Google Classroom 00:35:00
Module 6 – Google Classroom 00:30:00
Section 3
Module 7 – Google Classroom 00:38:00
Module 8 – Google Classroom 00:40:00
Module 9 – Google Classroom 00:45:00
Module 10 – Google Classroom 00:20:00

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