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Winston Churchill, a one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had this comment in his report card as a student: “ He is a constant trouble to everybody and he’s always in some scrape or the other. He cannot be trusted to behave himself anywhere.”

This must have been quite depressing for him or his parents.

Sadly, hundreds of years later, it’s alarming to discover that some teachers find it quite difficult to communicate expectations and concerns to students or parents professionally. Comment writing in report cards as well as giving feedback to parents about their children is a critical aspect of a teacher’s job. 

As a teacher, giving professional feedback without understanding the concept of Multiple Intelligences makes the task an arduous one. Basing feedback or report card comments only on the academic strengths and performance of a student is never the right path to take.

This course aims at enlightening teachers on Mastering professional ethics for communicating with parents and giving feedback to students and parents.

Course Curriculum

Section 1
Meet the Course Creator – Kemi Ogunsanya 00:02:00
Course Introduction – Multiple Intelligences 00:00:00
Course Objectives – Multiple Intelligences 00:02:00
Section 2
Concept of Multiple Intelligences 00:02:00
History of Multiple Intelligences 00:10:00
Forms of Intelligence 00:03:00
Linguistic Intelligence 00:08:00
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence 00:00:00
Musical Intelligence 00:08:00
Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence 00:05:00
Emotional Intelligence 00:05:00
Naturalistic Intelligence 00:05:00
Visual-Spatial Intelligence 00:05:00
Quiz 1 – Multiple Intelligences 00:05:00
Section 3
Identifying and Nurturing Forms of Intelligences in Students 00:10:00
Key Areas for Feedback to Students 00:08:00
The Pygmalion Effect as a tool for effective feedback 00:10:00
Example of Report Card Comments Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory 00:05:00
Case Study Activity 00:15:00
Quiz 2 – Multiple Intelligences 00:05:00
Closing – Multiple Intelligences 00:00:00

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