Interested in building a global ecosystem of highly skilled educators?

Interested in building a global ecosystem of highly skilled educators?

About the Growth Associate Program

This is a three-month cohort-based professional development and community building journey, where associates have access to training opportunities, interest-based mentoring, physical and virtual cohort hangouts and an opportunity to earn within the Schoolinka network. Associates will play a significant role in growing our educators’ community.

Who we are looking for?



You are currently teaching or you work a lot with teachers in your normal life.



You also think that to stop learning is to start dying.


Passion Driven

You have a big heart for teacher training and will love to see many teachers have access to training opportunities.


People Person

You are an effective builder of relationships and lover of bringing people together in a community.



You are very big on execution and you love taking on big goals.

What you will be doing

  •  You will be an ambassador of Schoolinka – telling the story of our work and inviting your fellow educators to join our community. 

  • Building community through engaging with community members on a weekly basis.

  • Creating growth funnels for the Schoolinka community.

  • Acquiring skills and building competencies through access to training programs and available resources.

Growth Associate Benefits

  • Full access to the Schoolinka online learning platform all through the program duration.

  • Free access to all Schoolinka Training Programs.

  • Earn Income as you bring more educators into the Schoolinka community