Instructional Leadership Bootcamp

This one-day Bootcamp is designed for school leaders who are desirous of improving the standards of teaching and learning in their schools through conscious leadership of curriculum and instructional planning and delivery.

Program Overview

This learning and practice sequence will engage participants in a set of experiences that provides a model for meaningful reflections and continuous practice of the principles and methods of the instructional core which has an intentional focus and demonstrated impact on continuous improvement in quality teaching and learning as well as provide the technical framework for relating the same to their teachers and students.

Bootcamp Outcomes

There are four intended outcomes for this Bootcamp learning and practice sequence

Shared Expectations

Participants as leaders will develop the skills in building a common understanding of shared expectations across their schools.

Positive Learning Environment

Participants will develop the competence needed to promote a positive school learning environment that engages and inspires both staff and students

Align School Resources

Participants will align the school’s resources to the instructional needs of teachers and students

Leadership by Practice

Participants will through this Bootcamp build the skills and knowledge of current and emerging leaders through continuous practice

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