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Become a Course Creator

Do you want to help thousands of teachers across Africa become highly effective?

If you answer YES to the question above, then we will be glad to work with you in making this happen. Our platform is designed mainly for teachers and their learning. Through Massive Open Online Courses, we want to equip teachers with the relevant knowledge and skillset needed to become highly effective.
We are open to partnering with you and/or your organsation by hosting your courses on our platform. Apart from the fact that you earn between 10 – 20 % of the revenue from your course, you will also be part of a team that is creating a global ecosystem of highly effective teachers.

Earnings Opportunity

You earn between 10 - 20% of sales made on any of your premium courses for life.

Wider Reach

Our platform will help you and your organisation reach thousands of teachers.

Greater Good

You become a part of a highly innovative team rethinking how teachers learn.

We are looking for highly experienced teachers, lecturers of faculties, colleges of education and teacher training firms to join our team of Course Creators. Does this sound like you? Then wait no more!

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