Join us to Transform Learning by empowering Teachers and School Leaders

You have the skills and resources, we have the delivery mechanism. Together, let’s build an ecosystem of highly skilled educators.

According to UNESCO, 36% of educators in Africa are not trained and you will agree that to deliver quality education to millions of learners across the continent, we need to invest in the training of teachers and school leaders. Our goal is to recruit an expert faculty, connect them with our community of educators and provide the needed learning support that will bring about professional growth.

Who we are looking for and what you will be doing?

Highly motivated training experts who have experience leading mid to large size training for teachers and school leaders, creating e-learning content, and are committed to making impact in the education sector. This will be a contractual role and it is flexible to a great extent.


Develop Training Content

Working with our content team, you will develop all training content for your course (including scripts, slides, videos, curated resources etc).


Deliver Content

We deploy a hybrid model of learning where you deliver your course content via self-paced online modules and optional instructor-led masterclasses.


Engage Learners

You will serve as a mentor providing support to our community of educators, particularly those who enrol into your course.

We are looking for trainers for these courses

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Self Awareness: A self aware educator knows how to objectively think through situations, applying prior experience, understanding how own strengths fit into group dynamic and taking personal responsibility along the course of their work. They capitalise on their strengths and manage their weaknesses using self-awareness. This course will help educators understand what self awareness is and how important it is to their success. 

Personal Values Development: Educator knows what personal values are and why they are important, develops their own personal values and build systems to check and align their behaviours and actions to their personal values.

Crafting Professional Development Plan: Educators learn how to build their own professional development plan and also the strategies to implement that plan.

In this course, educators will explore the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning and will understand how to plan lessons that are highly engaging and lead students to achieving the required learning outcomes. They will learn about tools and resources that can be used for lesson planning.

This course will provide effective training on how to create engaging activities for students in different learning contexts. Participants in this course will know how to create personalized, engaging activities to boost students’ participation, reflection, and collaboration, no matter where their learning happens.

Educators will gain skills on how to assess what students know and can do through the right learning data collection and analysis, interpret the results of those assessments, and apply the results to improve student learning and program effectiveness.

In this course, participants will learn about the The theory of multiple intelligences as proposed by Howard Gardener. This theory proposes a major transformation in the way our schools are run. It suggests that teachers be trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, and much more.

In this course, participants will learn about the different strategies for managing a classroom effectively in a way that no learner is left behind.

Educators are able to comprehend and break down complex information, conveying this information clearly to their students (both verbally and in written resources), presenting in a manner that sustains their attention, and listening to and resolving their questions or problems. They also know how to effectively communicate with parents effectively as they collaborate on ensuring learners’ success.

Educators will learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and become a champion for them in their own daily lives and also leading their students to taking action on them.

This course will teach educators how they can collaborate with the different stakeholders in the school community in creating solutions to barriers that hinders their learners from accessing quality learning and also move their community towards achieving the SDGs locally.

Key Competencies and Qualifications

We are looking for amazing people, and that’s why we have the following competencies and qualifications listed below as our basic criteria. Consider you application not considered for this round of recruitment if you don’t receive a response in 3 weeks.

Post graduate degree or diploma in Education from an accredited institution.
Great verbal and written communication skills.
Experience teaching K-12 learners for 5 or more years.
Experience training mid and large size cohorts of teachers.
Experience designing e-learning courses and online assessment.
Experience using learning management systems is an advantage.

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Our Faculty

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