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Join our Faculty

Be like Mrs Dosunmu who is helping thousands of teachers across Africa become highly effective!

Over the past two years, we have equipped thousands of teachers across Africa with the relevant skills they need to deliver great lessons to their students. Our faculty at Schoolinka designs exciting learning experiences for our community of teachers and deliver them through online courses and instructor-led classes (physically and virtually).
We are always looking for experienced educators with high level expertise to join our faculty of course creators and class facilitators. If this sound like you, then apply to be part of our team. Apart from helping to create a global ecosystem of highly effective teachers, you also have the opportunity to earn from your any of your paid programs hosted by us.

Earnings Opportunity

You earn up to 75% of sales made on any of your premium courses for life.

Wider Reach

Our platform will help you and your organisation reach thousands of teachers.

Greater Good

You become a part of a highly innovative team rethinking how teachers learn.

There are two application forms below and the first is for those applying to create online courses, while the second is for applying to facilitate a live class with our community of teachers (Click on any to expand).

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