Principles of Student Engagement

“Empower, Engage, Excel: Unveiling the Principles of Student Engagement”

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Course Overview

The Principles of Student Engagement Course is carefully crafted to equip teachers like you with the essential principles, proven strategies, and innovative techniques to ignite a spark of curiosity and engagement in your students. Join us on this transformative journey, where you’ll discover the keys to creating dynamic learning environments and nurturing a lifelong love for learning among your students.

Are you an educator eager to create a classroom where students are actively involved, motivated, and enthusiastic about learning? 

Do you want to master the art of captivating your students’ attention and fostering a genuine love for knowledge? 

Look no further! The Principles of Student Engagement Course is the perfect fit for you!

Cutting-Edge Research: Dive into the latest research and educational psychology to understand how student engagement impacts learning outcomes and academic success. 

Dynamic Instruction: Learn how to design and deliver interactive, dynamic lessons that spark curiosity and inspire a thirst for knowledge among your students. 

Practical Tools and Techniques: Discover a wide array of practical tools and techniques to engage students of all ages and learning styles, making learning fun and meaningful. 

Real-World Examples: Explore real-world examples and case studies of successful student engagement practices in diverse educational settings. 

Collaborative Learning Community: Join a supportive community of educators who share the same passion for student engagement. Share ideas, seek advice, and collaborate on projects to enhance your teaching skills.

Jobs and Opportunities: We work with top schools to fill teaching job vacancies and we also share great career advancement opportunities with teachers in our community.

Course Curriculum

  • The Language of Influence in Teaching
  • Language and identity
  • From Language Use to Teacher Practice
  • The instructional core (brief recap)
  • Content quality and relevance
  • Teacher practices promoting student engagement
  • The art of student engagement (students POV)
  • Introduction to student agency
  • Agency and Motivation
  • Culture and practice promoting student agency.

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