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We provide you with everything you need to get on the fastest visa route to the UK for teachers.

The UK Qualifying Teacher Status (QTS) enables the best teaching talents from Nigeria to come and work in the UK as teachers. 

Here is why you should consider teaching in the UK

Professional Development

The ECF-based training helps early career teachers (ECTs) develop their knowledge, teaching skills and working habits.

Earn up to N34m yearly

You can earn anywhere between £28,000 and £53,000 yearly as a teacher in the UK.

Move with your family

Bring your spouse (or partner) and kids with you and help them thrive with freedom to work, run a ventures or study.

More Free Time

You’ll get more days holiday than people in many other professions. In school, full-time teachers work 195 days per year.

World-class Education System

Teach in England and you’ll benefit from working in a world-class education system.

Why you need us

Our team of consultants are helping eligible teachers through the process of applying and getting the UK QTS and securing teaching jobs in the UK - all of which will qualify them for a visa to move to the UK. We know where to look and what to highlight in your professional teaching experience. We develop a personalised strategy that help you build a compelling story instead of a faceless document bundle – making your relocation to the UK a success.

Here is what we will do for you

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to put a strong application forward. Click each item to see more information.

  • Checking your eligibility.
  • Ensuring that you are accurately following the application process.
  • Reference letter template
  • Verifying documents
  • Packaging application
  • Our consultants will revamp your CV
  • We will help you package your Profile to reflect your experience, skills and abilities in a very attractive way. 
  • We will point you to resources that will be helpful for your job search.
  • Our team will make your referrals to UK hiring partners
  • You will join our simulative Interview prep
  • Learn everything about payment negotiation prep

The UK Government reserves the right to issue or deny visa applications. We do not help people secure UK visas, however we will share information that will guide you in your visa application.

Watch our Teach In the UK Masterclass Here

Here is what this will cost you

This cost covers every service we will be offering as listed above.

Premium Support Package

N 200,000
  • QTS Application Guidance
  • Job search and application
  • Interview readiness
  • Visa processing information sharing