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What is a Lesson Plan?

Goods defines a lesson plan as: “The outline of the important points of a lesson arranged in the order in which they are to be presented to students by the teacher.”

Here is another definition I really like by Laster B. Stands, “A lesson plan is actually a plan of action. It, therefore, includes the working philosophy of the teacher, his knowledge of philosophy, his information about and understanding of his pupils, his comprehension of the objectives of education, his knowledge of the material to be taught, and his abilities to utilize effective materials.”

My favorite definition of a  lesson plan is as follows: “A good lesson plan is a living document. It is not set in stone, but rather it is a guide that keeps you—the classroom practitioner—engaged and thinking about what you are teaching. Reviewing your plan gives you the opportunity to make alterations and make it more effective before the show begins. Use what works for you, and be sure to plan so it brings out the best in you as a teacher—and in your students.” Otis Kriegel

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